The folks from AOL Translogic came by recently, explored BREMACH USA’s T-REX 4×4 EV truck line, and shot some film of same during the process. Here, some nice video of of the EV truck line in action and more background on the technology and the BREMACH T-REX generally.


Electric Bremach T-Rex Devours Tough Jobs, Not Gas

“Forget about the T-Rex concept, the six-wheel 500-horsepower V-10 Dodge Ram show truck that Chrysler built last century. There’s a new T-Rex coming to town.”   So begins the review of the BREMACH USA T-REX truck line as offered by G.R. Whale and Mike Levine of PickUpTrucks.com, and based on Mr. Whale’s hands-on tests drives and [...]


BREMACH USA’s “Electric Super Truck” (and other headlines)

Here, some examples of the love for the new and electrified “mean green 4×4 machine” as offered by BREMACH USA.  It is good to be so well received.  We here in Chino (California) plan to own the North American class-3 segment….but as to who will EV-up, say, the class 6 and 8 truck markets, we [...]



Courtesy of TRUCK TREND, the full text of the test drive and review of the BREMACH USA T-REX 4×4 truck line:  http://www.trucktrend.com/roadtests/ultimate/163_1106_bremach_t_rex/index.html This article, by well known off-road and expedition expert Gary Wescott, describes many of the important technical attributes of the truck line. Some excerpts here: “Not unlike the Mercedes Unimog and the Swiss [...]



Fewer now are the reasons not to realize and admit the future of transportation machines is being found in electrified vehicles.  And while it is pretty well known that state-of-the-art electric motors are simply superior animals, it does not hurt if the EV in question generates wide appeal….ergo the BREMACH USA Alt Fuel T-REX truck [...]



Just a note of thanks here to Alan Taylor of MOTOR TREND’s “Truck Trend Radio” as well as to Co-Hosts Josh Hancock and Dick Messer who, together with the help of Producer Michael O’Coyne offered a very warm reception to BREMACH USA and the T-REX truck line on their nationally syndicated radio program. The path [...]


The CNG T-REX “101″

Please take note that the CNG T-REX — like all BREMACH USA T-REX custom trucks — is also a “build-to-order” product (as is the case with the other T-REX models).  However, with the CNG system, some of the work is performed by a very respected  group called LandiRenzo — a well known CNG system expert [...]

Green Car Journal___Bremach T-Rex p1

Green Car Journal Article

A new article on BREMACH USA can be see in the Winter 2010/2011 edition of the Green Car Journal.  The writer of this article, Bill Siuru, highlights a powerful point:  “Bremach has developed technology that allows this much lower voltage without compromises in efficiency or performance.” As noted elsewhere in this blog and on the [...]

France Routes__T-REX Cover

France Routes magazine cover

In addition to certain “EV personalities” and select associates, also visiting BREMACH USA in Chino have been various persons from the auto / truck journalism world.   And this includes some persons overseas, such as our friend Fabien Calvet of “France Routes.”  Here below we see the most recent issue, with an RBP Edition BREMACH (the [...]

New Patent

hydrogen-gas-electric patent

While not directly relating to BREMACH, the final paperwork and “official approval” on a tri-brid drivetrain patent did come in recently.  This hydrogen / gasoline / electric system was developed a few years ago, mostly out of curiosity.  It is among a few design and technology patents found here among those at BREMACH.  Please note [...]