BREMACH USA’s EV Technology Value

Here is a bit more about BREMACH’s VLV (Very Low Voltage) system and the “EV Industry change” potential of same.  Again, BREMACH USA has been developing EV drivetrains for about five (5) years, the later part of which very much dealt with perfecting a “system” that seemingly no other group tried to or did ever [...]



Testing on dynos (ie, a dynamometer)  is part of the life of an EV / Alternative Fuel OEM, as well as of course a host of other auto-related companies.  Here, below, some photos of what that process is like from the inside.  These series of tests took place of the course of a few days [...]

Diesel Progress Jan 2011 p1 - Copy

The World of BREMACH

Here below is a pretty good overview of the ~ “world of BREMACH” and the T-REX truck line. Diesel Progress is a monthly magazine published by Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications. It is distributed to 30,000 readers in North America engaged in engine, drive and hydraulic system design and engineering at mobile equipment on-highway and [...]

Ubifrance reviewing TREX EV

BREMACH shows Tech to UBI France EV group

BREMACH presented to the UBI France EV group back on 12/9 at the LA Port.  A few photos were taken, as shown below.  Seems the French liked much both the bearing of the T-REX as well as BREMACH’s low-voltage (but little efficiency loss) EV drivetrain. As background, the EV folks from France where in the [...]


“Cars and Coffee™ Irvine”

Here are some photos from a visit to “Cars and Coffee™” in Irvine, CA. A RBP BREMACH Edition was brought out. Our thanks to all for the positive feedback and interest.

BEV Touchscreen

Touchscreen controls and interface options

Here are a few photos of the touchscreen BREMACH offers on its T-REX trucks.  As one might imagine, such an interface and display is quite helpful in showing the driver certain real-time performance data such as the state-of-charge, voltage and other aspects of the trucks electric drivetrain and battery pack. This system (also offering GPS, [...]


Off-road, Camper, and Expedition T-REX

The “tight” and compact and very strong frame together with the gearing and 4×4 attributes of the BREMACH T-REX are well suited for “extreme” off-road and “no road” applications.  With the T-REX we have a narrow, single-track work truck set up to carry some four (4) tons.  As such, it is well suited for camper [...]

Driver View

Interior Photos of Double-Cab model

Pictures from the cockpit of a double-cab T-REX on the road

Series Hybrid Battery Packs & Charger

Electric Vehicle Technology — Series Hybrid and 100% electric BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle)

Here are some photos of the state-of-the-art electric drivetrain developed and used by BREMACH. This is the culmination of roughly five (5) years of work and R-n-D efforts as to high-speed lithium-ion systems. Not shown is the BMS (Battery Management System), but these specs — as well as those of the motor and generator — [...]


SEMA photos of RBP BREMACH Edition

The RBP version of the BREMACH T-REX was well displayed at a traffic focal point in front of the South Hall of SEMA. Here are a few links and photos from the show. Special thanks to RBP as well as the off-road and international community for the comments, orders, and suggestions. http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2010/11/photo-gallery-trucks-of-the-2010-sema-show.html http://www.caranddriver.com/features/10q4/best_of_sema_2010_day_3-feature/gallery/2010_sema_show_photo_252