The CNG T-REX “101″

Please take note that the CNG T-REX — like all BREMACH USA T-REX custom trucks — is also a “build-to-order” product (as is the case with the other T-REX models).  However, with the CNG system, some of the work is performed by a very respected  group called LandiRenzo — a well known CNG system expert with global operations.  More on their US division, LandiRenzoUSA, can be seen here:

How the large 32 GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent) tanks from LandiRenzo are laid out on the T-REX truck can be seen below.  The tank weight is 425 lbs each x2=850 lbs on tanks.

And for reference, below, the initial principal document as to ordering and reserving a CNG-powered BREMACH USA T-REX truck.

As always, feel free to call BREMACH USA direct at 909-597-0837 and/or email at with any questions and/or to begin building your custom T-REX truck, CNG or otherwise.  And again – our most local Financing Partner is AFG (Alliance Funding Group; contact Ben Gold, VP of Operations for Alliance at 714-450-1274 or 800-978-8817 Ext. 1274).  Thank you.

PS – Tax credits and other purchase incentives for CNG vehicles of this type vary by jurisdiction.