Fewer now are the reasons not to realize and admit the future of transportation machines is being found in electrified vehicles.  And while it is pretty well known that state-of-the-art electric motors are simply superior animals, it does not hurt if the EV in question generates wide appeal….ergo the BREMACH USA Alt Fuel T-REX truck line.  Seems others like and see this too, ergo:

Again, here is is what our Made-in-the-USA (ie, Southern California) EV technology allows for:  A Commercial-Grade 100kWh BEV Class-3 work-truck with 65mph top speed, well over 100 miles per charge, at just $120,000 MSRP (pre-tax incentive).   And people will like it.

This is what BREMACH USA has been developing over the past five years, with its own money.

See here for the market’s 2nd best EV “work truck” offerings: (page 75 / 146).

So….a slower, less powerful, lower range, much more expensive BEV panel truck / van?  Or a BREMACH T-REX 4×4 BEV (faster, better, stronger, less cost, etc)?