Courtesy of TRUCK TREND, the full text of the test drive and review of the BREMACH USA T-REX 4×4 truck line:

This article, by well known off-road and expedition expert Gary Wescott, describes many of the important technical attributes of the truck line.

Some excerpts here:

“Not unlike the Mercedes Unimog and the Swiss Bucher Duro, the Bremach T-Rex is a multifunction workhorse. The unique frame of the Bremach uses four-inch diameter steel tubes inspired by aerospace technology. These are welded to an additional subsection for maximum strength and rigidity.”

“The truck’s strong exoskeleton cab is virtually a rollcage. The all-steel cab is mounted on high-strength bushings to reduce vibration. Sound-absorbing thermo-acoustic panels in the steel doors, floor, and firewall further reduce noise.”

“One option will include a full information screen with backup camera, and multimedia including GPS navigation, music, video, photos, phone, DVD, XM, Internet, weather, WiFi, and full access to the OBD-II engine sensors.”

“Electric models will get a battery management system. If there’s an Internet or satellite connection, a vehicle’s location and mechanical condition could be monitored from almost anywhere in the world.”

“Despite its imposing stance, the center of gravity is low. The Bremach has 11 inches of ground clearance, a 31-inch fording capability, 44-degree departure angle, and a 48-degree approach angle. There aren’t many backroads the Bremach can’t traverse. Its maximum width of 69.7 inches makes it very maneuverable in tight places. For comparison, a Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup is 79.9 inches wide.”

“One glance at the T-Rex tells you this is a very compact, purpose-built machine without an ounce of fat.”